My JS themes are not the same as standard BetterDiscord themes. As such, I suggest you take a moment to understand them before use.

If you are a first time user, you must download and use my Chikara plugin. This is required to use any of my content. It will ask you to download some required libs as well.

Please fully close and restart discord after you do this.

All my themes come with lots of user settings and customization options.

All Full Themes come bundled with all my addons.

*Gitlab membership is no longer required but still recommended.*

--Nice people are welcome to apply.

It is highly recommended if you want a better theme experience.


First read this:


1: Create a free account on GitLab.


2: Rename(nickname) yourself in Chikara server. Make sure your GitLab matches your Chikara Discord Server "nickname" & vice versa. If they do match, rename yourself on this server to [username]~ (example: Zera -> Zera~) (So when you end up changing your name, it stays the same in here and in GitLab)


3: Copy & paste your GitLab name to this chat. Example: Zera @yusariem


-- Do not ping other people for GitLab.

-- Post ONE time only. 

-- You must be a member of this server to remain in the GitLab group.

-- You don not need to use your real name on GitLab. Please ask someone in #theme-chat if you're not sure about something, or if you didn't get a role, etc (Don't expect to be told what to do. You are required to read thoroughly)

Please refer to this link here for any known issues and basic trouble-shooting of my content. You must be a member of the GitLab to view it.

There is currently only one main & ongoing issue.

When you turn on a Full Theme, the default addons for that theme do not start. You must toggle them in the theme settings. They will still show in the "on" state so you will know which ones to toggle.

Please take a few minuets to fill out this survey. It helps me keep all the content relevant and know what I should continue to work on. If you prefer you can take the survey in a new tab by clicking here. Either way, you must be signed in. This helps prevent spam.

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