Chikara Designs

I have multiple services which I offer, mainly web design. I can adjust depending on your needs, so you can get the best deal for your money. I prefer a more personal route and tend to offer extra support for all my services.

Whether you need a simple blog, standard website or a full range site with shops and extras. I can do it all for you. 


Cant seem to find that perfect theme? Need something that stands out and is unique to you? Light themes hurting your eyes? Dark themes too dark? There’s many reasons that people want to view websites in different ways.

I also offer theme creation for current websites. It can be your own site or even if you want custom themes for sites you visit often. Lots of big names sites tend to have hundreds of themes. A lot of them don’t get updated or simply may not be what you are looking for. Many forums and other sites out there don’t get theme support simply because they are not popular. 

I work with you directly so you can get exactly what you want. If the website changes, let me know and I’ll update the theme. Want a change of pace? I can create themes which offer user settings for you to configure and let you change aspects of the theme, without you knowing any coding.

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